TIP my stepdad

This is crazy! Something similar happened to me just a few weeks ago.

Alright, so here’s what happened..

Every year I prank my stepdad. It's become a point of contention in my household because he's a very angry person and my goal is always to make him angrier. I'm terrible I know. Year to year the pranks have gotten worse and worse, last year I glued the milk carton to the top shelf of the fridge and he pulled the carton and the shelf along with it, ripping the carton and milk/other wet goods went flying all over the floor/stepdad. I'm glad I wasn't in the house for it. Anyways, this year I decided I'd be a good stepson and do something nice for him, but only at the cost of doing something extremely mean first. The Setup: I backed up his laptop to an external hard drive. He's not the most tech savvy so he won't really notice any of the fuckery I'm about to perform on said laptop.

I then installed that old ass bonzi buddy virus on his laptop. Afterwards, I took a firecracker, peeled it open and emptied the contents on some rolling paper and flattened it out after sealing it with the quick fuse that holds firecrackers together. I pried up his enter key and glued it to the bottom of the key. I let the fuse just barely stick out from under it so I could reach it. This was all done the night before. The Action: I came over my parents house early in the morning saying I needed to print a report and that I'd use his laptop because it was easier. I opened it up, hiding the fuse with my thumb and called him over.

"What the hell is that?!" He said pointing at the dumbass looking purple monkey. I told him it was a virus that certain fake porn sites can give you and he got all super defensive saying that he doesn't watch porn. Not sure if he does, don't care enough to know. I told him I could fix it and that he should go make some coffee. So I walked with him in the kitchen and had the screen block his view of my hands. As I pulled my lighter out of my pocket I just said, "Ah I think I go- OH SHIT" and boom, his keyboard literally exploded. Keys went flying and I ducked. I hadn't expected it to be as big of a pop as it was.

I must've laid out the powder wrong or something. Or maybe the glue ignited? I have no clue. He dropped to his knees and was holding his head, talking about taxes and other important documents I had just ruined. His shock quickly became anger as he pushed me away and saw his now dead laptop. I ran out of the room into the garage, and honestly I was giggling like a little kid. I couldn't help it. He stormed after me and found me in there at the table he usually drinks at, with a brand new laptop I got him as a belated birthday gift. I've never seen him go from being so angry to confused to extremely happy. It's usually the other way around. Anyways that was my eventful morning.

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