Tldr on the history of Francophone-Allophone tensions?

What you write about Italian immigrants is flatly untrue. Sabino Grassi and other Italian-Montrealers have testified to the fact that as children, they were refused at French schools because of their ethnicity:

And the notion that Francophone Quebecers are "white niggers" is simply false and deeply insulting to African Americans. Francophones have higher median incomes than any other ethnic group in Quebec - including anglophones. The gap between white francophones and visible minorities when it comes income reaches about 30%... and it's the de souche francophones who are on top.

By contrast, African Americans have median incomes that are about 35% below those of other Americans, and have always been poorer.

I understand that Pierre Vallières came up with the phrase in a fit of revolutionary overstatement, but it's really a complete distortion of the historical reality.

African Americans are the descendants of slaves and lived in bondage until only 150 years ago. Even after the end of slavery, they were denied virtually all civil rights - including the right to vote - until the 1960s.

By contrast, francophone Quebecers are the descendants of colonizers, who came to this continent to wrest land and resources away from Native people - much like the English colonists. They were conquered by their British rivals, but they also retained their property, religion, land rights, institutions and privileges, as well as high degree of autonomy in the political sphere. Compared to the severe oppression faced by black Americans, the discrimination that francophones experienced amounts to a minor inconvenience.

As Enaemaehkiw Thupaq Keshena has written, "Québécois nationalism is not revolutionary nationalism... but reactionary White nationalism. It is a White nationalism that attempts mask itself in the revolutionary rhetoric of the oppressed nations. The particular White nationalism of the Québéc Sovereigntist Movement can best be understood as the ideology of a losing colonialism. The québécois did not arrive on this continent kidnapped and enslaved like Afrikans, nor were their lands stolen and people exterminated like what onkwehón:we, Xikanos and Borincanos experienced. The québécois, just like their hated rival, anglo-kanada, came to Anówarakowa Kawennote with one goal in mind: to settle the land in the name of france, and expropriate the resources of the indigenous people in the pursuit of the french colonialist-imperialist project. The québécois settler project was established on this continent as parasitic and at the expense of the indigenous people from day one."

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