Tonight! (Assuming it's happening) is the last Squadcast before 1.0 is released - let's make it EPIC.

Yeah... I'm was a little disappointed. I posted this before they announced the streams for the weekend, so that makes it a little bit better. Still, I was thinking that this would be an opportunity for a celebration of sorts.

And, not to be negative, but I also feel that it's really not fair to all of us to have Squadcast on the schedule and to leave us all hanging until the last possible moment like that (Yes, I know he said he in advance he "wasn't sure" but that's not an outright "it's not happening")...and it's definitely, definitely not the first time that I made time for Squadcast and had it not happen. If /u/Maxmaps has other things going on (totally understandable) and Squadcast is not a top priority for him than someone else should be presenting Squadcast or the schedule should be updated days in advance. I planned my day in part around catching the broadcast and hoping to see some stuff from 1.0 and chat with the community. It shows a lack of planning and organization to be unsure ahead of time if you are going to be available or not especially with something that is, again, written on a schedule (as linked above). I expect the schedule to be adhered to barring an emergency...I know that's what I'm expected to do at my job!

And the same thing is happening with the streams this weekend...when I asked for a schedule I was told it would be posted tomorrow, the day of! How can you not have it scheduled it advance? And if it is all scheduled already why can't we see it in advance? We all love KSP, but I have other things going on too and it sends the message that Squad doesn't value our time when they don't communicate ahead of time.

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