(Trailer) Slay the Dragon (2020) - Grassroots activists in Michigan work to end gerrymandering in their state

I was in the movie, and I personally told Eric Holder's group to get bent multiple times while I was running strategy on the petition When they wanted us to switch over to the Democrats' favorite field data management tech in return for a donation. This was a nonpartisan action, and it was important to us that the people of Michigan knew that they were the ones that made this happen.

From my own perspective, the ineptitude of the Democratic Party in Michigan (remember they helped botch 2016) was as much to blame as the maliciousness of the Republican Party for situations like the Flint Water Crisis and the crumbling infrastructure statewide. It was important to me to show that we could start with absolutely no infrastructure. And become the biggest campaign in the state within a year and a half, because now, the Democrats have absolutely no excuse for not running the best field program in the country in the state I consider the most important for the general election.

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