Trans people of Reddit, what's the worst encounter you've had with a transphobic person?

(FTM) Early on in my medical transition, there was a point where I looked pretty androgynous. I was working a catering gig where i wasnt out as trans, so I used the womens restroom. As I was drying my hands, this middle-aged woman stops and goes "Excuse me sir, this is the women's room." I turned around and apologized. I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable, and was glad that I passed as Male, but had thought it would be better for me to use the womens room in that situation.

After hearing my voice, and looking me up and down, the woman says "Oh, excuse me, ma'am." And walks off.

I go back to working, and the same woman is with a group of people. She sees me, then loudly starts talking about how trans people shouldn't be allowed in the restroom of their preferred gender, how all this has gone too far, etc.

Super annoying and confusing because by her logic, I was in the "right" bathroom.

Thing is though, I was so androgynous for awhile that I couldnt use any public bathrooms (mens or womens) without being questioned or harassed. Held in my pee and used single person restrooms until I passed as Male full time.

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