Is travel stuff more heavily booked than normal, or is it just me?

You’ve had to book at least 6-7 months in advance for decades. Now it’s even worse cause more people and budget cuts means the parks can’t open up completely- whether because of staffing or because campgrounds need repair. I’m actually camping rn. At the ocean. This is our third trip this yr. We are milking being retired but omg, my back is frigging killing me. I think I’m getting too old for this. It’s great when it stops raining.

Have you tried hipcamp? My daughter likes that. Or you could do what my other daughter does and go backpacking. She doesn’t even really consider car camping, camping, but I think she gives me some slack cause I old.

Things are also $$$$$. It’s crazy.

There are lots of great state parks though. Besides the San Juan’s, Deception pass is great, Bayview, Dosewallips, Birch Bay, and Cape Disappointment are favorites.

Also most campgrounds have sites that are first come, first serve. It’s the way our family camped for years because we never knew if dad would be in the mood that weekend.

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