Trump’s Delusions of Competence: "the idea that Donald Trump, of all people, knows how to run the U.S. economy is ludicrous."

Please stop it with your unbelievable tone. Just proving the research that Clinton supporters are extremely aggressive:

With regard to your attempts to defend a large swath of ethically questionable positions and outright sins:

Clinton absolutely profited from war, and encouraged the spread of it during her time as SoS. It is plainly obvious that you didn't even bother to click on any of these links. It is also very telling to see the defense of "medium-over-message" thinking when it benefits your candidate.

The Clinton Foundation literally 'sold' weapons to dictatorships through a donation system. This is widely reported, not rumored.

She denied a peaceful government transition in libya, even against dozens of attempts by young, technologically-savvy, liberal members of a progressive party to garnish her support to rebuild the country. This is shown in her own emails which can be read by the public right now on wikileaks. This is hawkish.

Sanders supported two bills AS STATE SENATOR for his HOME STATE, voting FOR HIS CONSTITUENCY. Do you see the difference? He never supported any war or invasion, and has openly referenced the fact that when representing vermont he sought to not overrule the people's desires. Clinton is essentially the polar opposite to Sanders in that regard. Clinton also happily defended George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq, and referred to Henry Kissinger as a close friend. She's clearly war-loving and there is no reason for you to try to deny it or cast Sanders in her light.

I can't imagine finding myself in a position to defend fracking. Even if I was being paid by a superPAC to whitewash the internet in favor of a pandering candidate, I don't think I could bring myself to support something that offers me not current or future gain while having demonstrable negative effects in dozens of communities.

Hillary has made thousands of dollars through the promotion of fracking at home and abroad. There is absolutely a consensus among scientists that fracking is universally unsound and not worth the risk, and I challenge you to find a legitimate scholarly article that is not directly tied to funding from a fracking interest that states otherwise.

Clinton is wrong on universal health care. It is the most important humanitarian focus of any modern government. It has been instituted and worked without issue for decades in countries all over the world. Every country in the world that has a modern universal health care system ranks higher in quality of life polling than the united states, and there are constant allusions to the secondary impacts of universal healthcare on the well-being of affected populations being published on a regular basis:

Clinton has no intention of reforming anything, if she was realistic about such aspirations she would have 1) released her wall street transcripts months ago and 2) supported the 15 dollar minimum wage and 3) given any indication of any form of economic plan for reform whatsoever.

Clinton is a racist. When two 15 year old black high school girls paid 500 dollars each to attend one of Clinton's for-profit speeches, she had them escorted away from the stage by secret service. What did she have to be afraid of? Contrast that to Sanders who, when interrupted during a free and open speech by BLM protesters, instantly thanked them for their tenacity and handed them the microphone. Don't spew voting data to me, look at the narrative.

You're outright lying about Sanders. He has been actively campaigning on the regional and national level for LGBT rights since the early 80s. See:

Stop trying to paint Clinton as anything but a conservative, she's no ally to LGBT people, I remember her actively defending DOMA before I came out of the closet in high school. I can recognize a fairweather friend.

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