Turkish people are so kind to animals. Travelling Turkey Ever since I been here in Turkey. I've seen many people feeding cats and dogs. It's a part of the Turkish culture here, to have street cats and dogs. So let's all protect them, because they have no other means of feeding themselves.

Very nicely written and thank you for sharing. I have seen lots of campaigns during the years. We already do our part by donating our time and funds to a friend's of ours. Who works at the university of Istanbul. They look after 400 cats and dogs. We also feed stray cats and dogs everyday without fail. In our car alone we carry bags of food and water. We share our food that we don't eat to birds and animals. As you can see we do more than enough and that is the truth. Can you please do us a favor. Can you please remove your post. You can repost it. But please remove my name and all your bank details etc. It's better to not ask people because people like myself don't like to be pressured. If someone wants to donate they would simply ask. That's how we would do it. We have done a few videos like the one you are seeing now. As a respect to all those who care about animals. We are all doing our best in these hard times. I wish you the very best for your campaign. But to be honest. We are not interested. Sorry Please don't reply back for questions

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