Ubiquiti is just bad.

I don't have contempt for them.

Even as a home hobbyist device, they are trash.

And this is coming from someone who has worked on things that you've likely never heard of (Bay Networks, Nortel, Extreme, etc). Does anyone remember the awful Extreme issues with their switches in the late 90s with them lying about their backplane performance/PPS with standard MTUs?

"The OP trying to use an ERX (or ER Lite) in a bigger business environment is his own fault for choosing such low end models."

-ALL- of the Edgerouter Products are piles of shit.

If they aren't enterprise level gear, why are they advertised under the ISP Operation section on their website?

If they aren't enterprise level gear, why do they offer Layer 3 features like OSPF, etc? Do you think home hobbyists -need- OSPF, or even know what it is?

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