UHC Community Post - January 16, 2016

Hello everyone. I hope your day is going well. As you may have seen Awesometackler posted this yesterday on the community post. We wanted to update you guys on what all happened with him and let you know what is going on. First let's start with the day of. Awesome and I have been best friends for a long time online. We always get on skype/ts when we get home from school and chat. Well yesterday Brayden (better known as Awesometackler) never came on. I messaged him on skype and got no reply either. So I thought he might have band practice as he sometimes does throughout the week. I then checked the community post at around 7:30pm my time and noticed his message. I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I knew Awesome had pulled some pretty immature stuff before but I wouldn't think he would joke around with this here especially as he was going through tough times with his sister in the hospital. I was very worried for him.

A couple hours after, a few friends got on and we were talking about it. At this time JWB received messages from Brayden on his phone. Here is a screenshot of the messages I received. His brother was kind enough to send him these messages about Brayden. At this point me and my other friends were flipping out. We had no idea something like this would happen to him, he always seemed like a up beat guy. Anyways so a little bit after I received those messages, we alerted some people in a group chat on skype. Of course everybody was skeptical as most of you probably are right now. We shared the messages we received from his brother with them. In the message he told JWB that they were at the hospital for Brayden and that he would update him later.

Now this is where it gets kind of crazy. We are talking in this same group chat about it and suddenly Awesometackler chats something. The conversation went like this, this and this. So after his brother tells us this stuff we are kind of freaking out. I mean this is a huge deal. Then later on in the night he continues on by asking for Brayden's reddit info because he wanted to make some sort of post reaching out to his friends.

Since then we haven't heard from Mitchel. He is obviously busy with his family and we understand that but we are still worried for our friend. We think Brayden may have done this because of his sister being in the hospital and he said he was very stressed out with school now because Finals week was coming up for him. Either way this is still very sad. As Mitchel said he will probably need surgery or at least an operation or two but let's hope he can make it through and join us again. Sadly I can't visit him irl or anything because I live on the other side of the state but I wish I could.

Anyways I guess the point of this post is that this is serious. Not just another call for attention. I know Brayden has done some pretty immature stuff in the past but this is for real. I guess you could use the "boy cries wolf" term as an example in this situation. Also I would like to thank his brother Mitchel who has been a real hero with all of this. Without him we wouldn't of known where he went and or what happened so we really appreciate that. If you guys have any questions about anything please don't be afraid to ask. We will try to contact Mitchel soon and find out how Awesome is doing. I know we would all like to know.

Thanks for reading everyone, hope you have a good day. Please send your prayers to Brayden and his family. I think they would be very thankful that you did.

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