UHC Community Post - April 02, 2015

To be fair, for an example of Badlion not being "way higher" at the quality of a game would be like today. There was a EU FFA (If I am correct), which, down to not being able to get into the NA To2, I thought I might play. I refreshed the post maybe a 10 minutes before the game to see it was still there. When not being able to get into the To2, I tried to jump on into it, when I saw no one on the EU UHC's. This caught me by surprise a little, so went to see if there was an issue. Refreshed it again to see it was gone. This is not the first time I have seen this. It is maybe the 5th?

The time of which someone deleted the game to when it was about to open I might presume as around 3-4 minutes? As I distinctively remember refreshing the webpage only 5-10 minutes before it opened.Why is this bad quality? Well one, there was no apology. No sorry, not even something to replace the game link with a "Oh we can't host it". Literally it was just gone.

Now I know people will say "oh but reddit people do this too", which I know they do, and i'm not saying one is better than the other. Secondly with a reddit game you see, someone else (another op) has been able to host a game where the original host could not. In Badlion, I have not seen a case of this (my experiences).

Another case of Badlion's "quality" not being all amazing is that, every time, and I mean every time I personally ask a question, I automatically get rejected. I personally have to ask my friends in the game to also ask so I could get a reply, and yes I know there is a command, but I will get onto about that more later, and yes, I know in some cases this is down to the amount of people asking questions, but in a decently high amount, it is down to laziness.

Again, reddit people also do this, and also have a command (or at least the game post which has all the rules on it), which you are asked to read, and also that people do reject the odd question that you may ask. This again proves, both side have equal faults in there quality.

And finally, one of the biggest is that, a lot of the x-rayers or hackers all round in the community of Badlion are able to slip through the ops fingertips, and yes this is down to the amount of players, but it is still there fault. Why you ask? Just like in real life, the more people you have doing something, the more supervision you must take. In Badlions terms, this would mean more ops to spectate. The reddit community is different in this case because the less amount of people means less responsibility, so less people are needed. Now I admit, Badlion are getting much better with the amount of hackers in there games, but it is not perfect (I also think the reddit is not too, but there is a less amount of hackers per game in the reddit down to the less amount of people in games). I also admire both have there own way of dealing with hackers, with ban lengths and such, I know they both work ;)

In conclusion one is not better than the other. If anything, the only one to think one is better is you. If you like playing games with a large amount of people, or one with slightly less. Both communities have faults, errors and need some kind of fixing to make perfect, but in human terms, nothing can be perfect.

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