Is the UK more racist etc after Brexit than its EU friends ?

This is not racism.

It is extremely troubling when your population is hiding their faces in public.

Try to walk into a bank with a biker-helmet, police will be called and you will be fined.

Germany already banned full-face veil clothing, you know when and why ? 1945 by American/British/French occupation forces and in 1949 this was adopted in the new Constitution.... because about 30 people were hiding their faces and continueing the Nazi-movement.

This ban isn't racism, it's common sense, we don't live in the Medieval period anymore were it is acceptable to hide your face or being forced to hide your face because your husband-master is getting jealous when other guys look at the wife-slave's face...

Burka, Niqap, whatever else is not religious clothing, it's arabic-cultural clothing... Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world is also fighting against burka and other face-veil clothes, their religious minister ( Indonesia is currently ruled by a right-wing nationalist-populist government ) is explicitly stating that Burka and such are not written in the Quran ( which is true ).... Marocco another Muslim-only country has also banned the Burqa.

Stop trying to make this a religious ( or racist ) issue, it's not....

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