Understanding Socionics Ne?

wrt "integrity of", I somewhat-recently explained this view of N when talking about Ni. you can ctrl+f my post history yourself, I'm too lazy.

wrt them being said to be creative or having a wide variety of skills, I'd say you can refer back to Jung/etc's split of E/I. E is concerned with the "external situation" - enraptured by - with I's being the opposite. if that "INFJ" Jung poster is to be believed(her comments were not criticized as not-what-Jung/etc-said, so), she said that Ne Doms (we can say dominant/strong Ne'ers, not capital D Doms - imo Jung PT 'system' s ehh) often seek to align the real, "external" world with their N visions/pictures/ideas/whatever. because they compulsively are concerned with the External [world/situation], and their compulsion is to pay attention to images/visions/whatever rather than the concrete, these two compulsions impel them to learning a lot of skills as theyre concerned [extremely - chiefly] with the "integrity(alignment, cohesitivity) of the external situation".

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