"Why isn't the media talking about this?" Says man posting Forbes article.

Yepp, the main one you may know about is the Stephen Jackson incident where many NFL & NBA athletes liked a post of Desean Jackson trying to quote Hitler saying the Jews need to be exterminated. Trust me it gets worst the more you look into it.

There is more of an overarching narrative of anti-semitism amount the black community though. And the ideals of Louis Farrakhan have a lot more sway in the BLM than people are willing to admit.

More than a quarter of African Americans (28%) say they are seeing more black people they know express anti-Semitism than in the past. Three in 10 African Americans (30%) agree with the subtle anti-Semitic phrase, “Jewish people have too much control of American finances.” Around 1 in 5 (19%) believe Jewish people are blocking black progress in the United States. When asked about a Louis Farrakhan quote claiming Jewish people have a “tremendous” influence in the U.S. government and as a result “black people in this country will never be free until they are free of that kind of control,” 41% of African Americans agree.

The ideals of Louis Farrakhan run deep in the BLM movement.

Just look how BLM treats these two Jewish people trying to march with them.


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