Unpopular opinion turns into a shitshow when an OP says there is zero reason to let a 14 year old should be wearing shorts that shows their ass, or in shorter words in OP's own words, like a hoe. Comments descend into chaos over the fact that they used hoe, among other things.

I’m a progressive/liberal guy, but my niece is 10 years old and she wears comfortable short shorts at home, but when we go out, like every other adult guy turns their head to quickly look at my niece’s butt.

She’s fucking 10.

My niece isn’t even trying to dress skimpy, she’s completely unaware of how she dresses, she just dresses for comfort

I’ve never so strongly felt the urge to tell my niece to cover herself up when she goes out, now I feel like a prude, but I just don’t want everyone staring at my niece when she wears shorts or a tank top

I completely agree with the post, young girls need to stop wearing revealing clothes because men of society cannot be trusted

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