Up to 300 mercenaries from the Russian mercenary company Wagner Group were brought to the 15th city multidisciplinary hospital in Yuvileine, Luhansk Oblast, but doctors there have refused to treat them, the Ukrainian military’s General Staff reported (link in comments)

Russia has bombed ukraines hospitals, bombed ambulances and fire trucks, bombed medical workers, killed and injured medical workers, looted hospitals of supplies, and then expect to get medical care while there are children and others waiting in line that the Russians bombed or raped and need treatment.

Yeah not feeling sorry. If they didn't bomb medical facilities en mass including Sunday I may have some sympathy.

Don't expect medical treatment when you bomb hospitals and kill the workers and patients.

There are limited supplies and we are helping with aid packages and we don't need to be taking care of Russian terrorist assess while others need help.

Also Russia bombs all the power out and makes the work even harder as it is.

This whole thing is fucked up in so many ways.

That said, russians have been getting medical treatment and yes while that's the right thing to do, I still have the right to say fuck you and not happy that aid packages are being wasted on taking care of incaders. Yeet them back into Russia asap and let the resources be used on Ukrainians and other volunteers who came to help and need medical attention.

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