[UPDATE] - I [29M] just found out my girlfriend [31F] is cheating on me and she is passed out drink on my floor

Final Update: Alright, sorry for the delay on this. It has truly been some of the worst days of my life, but I am managing pretty well. Went for 44Hrs without sleep and pretty much crashed all day today or would have written this earlier. But I promised I would follow through and update this. Now for the conclusion. So last update I mentioned that she we were attempting to get her to the bathroom and getting her ready for the hospital. Well I started to move her and all she would do is vomit. After an hour of that, I finally got her to the bathroom where I made her put a bikini on I helped her get clean in the bath tub. She was really confused why I made her, I didn't give her an answer just walked away. After getting getting all cleaned, throwing up 10000x and dressed, she does say she felt better but did not have balance to walk and had to carry her to the bed. I kept trying to get her to call her parents or let me and start moving her to the hospital, but she didn't want to now, just wanted to sleep. So I put her in my room and let her sleep for a few hours checking in every 30min to make sure she was ok. She finally woke up and I told her that we need to have a talk and I explained the night and that I know about Daniel. She denied it even after I said I read the messages saying they were just friends and I read it all wrong. Thats when she went for her phone sneakily, acting like I didn't see her. I just stopped what I was saying and told her "Do you think I am dumb? I already took pictures of all the texts on your phone and I can read them off for you if you forgot. No reason to delete them off your phone right now". Her face went blank and she dropped her phone. That is when all hell broke loose. She finally admitted to it and I let her have it. She kept claiming that it was nothing physical and that she was just doing it for the attention, never meant to hurt me, ETC....I told her that she need to to leave now and that I never want to see her face again. Now of course she is still too far drugged to drive....so I let her sober up some more and she kept trying to save the relationship. I eventually just started to ignore her and watched a college basketball game. Well after a few hours of this and her still not willing to leave, I said that she needs to go and if she is not ok, she needs to call her mom and if she does not I will. She called her mom with me in the room and the conversation went like this: Cheater: Mom? (like all crying and upset) Mom: Whats wrong?? Cheater: I messed up (started to bawl). When I heard that, I laughed and walked into the other room to finish watching my game. Her Mom was on the way and the game was over and she was still too messed up to do anything. So I started to pack tons of her clothes, shoes, makeup and other essential things into containers so she could at least have something to go home with. Mom came and I carried all the containers to the car explaining to her the events of the night and that we think that she was drugged. Stated that she is not 100% right now and that she needs to watch her and take her to the hospital if she gets worse. Of course she asks what any Mom would, "Did she come home fully clothed? She look like she was raped?". Which she was fully clothed and her work friends were with her all throughout the night, So I assume no. I help her to the car and tell her mom bye and thanks for picking her up and turned away from the cheater when she tried to talk to me and I walked in and closed the garage. As Billy Mays would say....WAIT THERES MORE!! So the night goes on and I go out with the boys getting texts and calls all night from her. I give her nothing, no response. Get home at like 1:30 and go right to bed. I am out cold, not drunk only had 1 drink, from the exhaustion. 7am come rolling around and someone opens my bedroom door....the cheater! Scared the crap out of me. I yell "What the HELL are you doing here???", she just wants to talk and grab a few things. So I tell her no, and she needs to leave and give me her keys now. Then she explains that she had been at my house CLEANING AND DOING LAUNDRY for a while now. WTF?!?! I' thinking holy Jesus.....PSYCHO and sit up in bed and say this is not ok you need to leave. Of course her Mom dropped her off after she said that I gave her permission to come....ummm WHAT?! I look at my phone and she texted me at 4am saying that she was coming over in the morning but I had not seen it. I tell her to call her mom and pick her up ASAP. She does, but what do you know....takes her an hour to get over. She even tries to tell me that she wants to have a baby with me and seduce me....ha no. Finally her mom gets here and she grabs some stuff and she is gone with the doors and windows barricaded. YOU THINK WE'RE DONE, AS AN EXTRA BONUS....!!/BillMays... Day goes on with no more texts or calls, I am happy for the moment. Got home after dinner and thought about this all and decided I need to let Daniel know. I write up a huge 10 page text message to him being civil ( Shocking right, me civil?) and explaining the situation. He is blindsided. No freakin' clue. He does not believe me so I send him a picture of us and he breaks down. Telling me sorry and that he had no clue and he explained his side. She's been flirting with him for a while now and has been stringing him along for like a month now after flirting for a few months. She never mentioned she had a boyfriend or he would have never pursued it. I did ask him that was there anything "physical" for my sake, don't want to catch something from the girl, and he said no. He tried to kiss her and make a move and she turned him away and said she was not ready for that step. Most they ever did was hug. Which was consistent with what she said. This guy really seems legitimately upset and heartbroken. Then out of the blue, my phone blows up with her. Calls, texts and emails. I text the guy and say did you talk to her cause she is blowing up my phone and he said yes and ended everything and thanked me again. That was a few hours ago and I am still getting messages out of the blue from her. I think it is time to officially block her number. WERE NOT DONE YET!?? /Mays,Billy....Start to clean out my bedroom and what do you know, I find a love letter in her jewelry box putting some necklaces in it. A guy confessing that he wanted more than flirting and hanging out and he was tired of getting strung along...sound familiar?? It is from a guy she used to work with from before me who her friends and ex coworkers said that they seemed like they were dating but was not sure. Cheater and I met at work so I knew the same people she does. Shes at a different place now but the guy in the letter was from where I work now, her old place of employment. So this is not her first go around of leading guys on, me included but I was the "lucky" one to break through and have a relationship with her. CALL NOW!?!... Who knew I would incorporate the late, great Billy Mays with this...ohh well I am going with it! Haha. Well the end is finally here, I can see the end of the tunnel. I am still hurt, disappointed and heartbroken but I am glad I found out this before having kids, marriage and ETC. She still needs to pick up her stuff, so I am sure that there will be more drama but for now there is no rebuttal that we are done for good! Thank you Reddit community for helping me through this. Without you all, the first night would have been 10x worse not having anything to occupy my mind. Anyone know any single cute girls that will appreciate a romantic, fun and sweet guy? ;) I leave you with a quote from a favorite song; "Life ain't always beautiful, but it is a beautiful ride" - Gary Allan ( Here a link to the song for all who want to listen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VDNMtn0t2A )

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