UPDATE: My [20/F] boyfriend [21/M] of 2~ yrs is obsessed with League of Legends and some of their Korean streamers.

i mean, this is a relationship post, but still, i kinda feel the need to clarify a bit on your post.

competitive gaming isnt fueled by ritalin, just because a few muppets experimented with it. and no, he wouldnt be over the hill because of reflexes detoriating either (just as a counterpoint: goalkeepers in football, who are very dependend on their reflexes usually peak in their early 30's and have a longer career then the average football pro).

people used to retire early because there was no financial incentive to keep playing and because other things in life become more valuable. truth is, yes, competitive gaming is cut-throat, but it is also a very lonely existence. you are trading in your social life for the rush of winning. i've been doing this for over 10 years now and have been what some would consider a "pro" or "semi-pro" for a sizeable timespan of that period, though i wouldnt classify myself as one ever. the reason most people retired i used to play with was because they found their first meaningful relationship. which is quite a sad reality if you think about it. a lot of the people i know would have gladly switched places with op's ex if they had the chance and those who are not are more often then not too addicted to competing to stop. when your weekdays consist of spending 6+ hours practicing in the evening and on your weekends consist of playing in tournaments you simply dont have time to form or maintain any form of social relationships, may that be romantical or platonic ones, unless its with someone that is equally engrossed into the scene as you yourself are.

but yea, he wont go "pro" or even "semi-pro". i would bet a sizeable ammount of money on that. he lacks the experience of playing and practicing in a organized fashion and he doesnt have the contacts and the network to ever get a shot at playing in a decent team. and by the time he does so, the likelyhood is that league is already dead or on its crumbling legs. and has been replacing by a new and shiny game where some lucky ones formed the "pro-scene" by betting on the right game early on.

also his fascination with korean pros is laughable. noone that has even a slight clue about the korean scene would willingly want to be a pro in that scene. its one of the most miserable lives one could possibly imagine. theres a good reason why a lot of koreans are trying to get into the western scene whenever they get the chance: because living in a korean gaming enviroment is literally hell on earth, even if you are very successfull resultwise.

anyway, good riddance op. glad you're doing fine :)

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