UPDATE: My [26m] girlfriend [24f] has opened up to me extensively about the abuse she suffered. Her stories are starting to contradict each other and I'm starting to suspect something

To the people who are saying that it's weird she brought up her "past trauma" on the first date, I would just like to add that as a survivor of childhood trauma, it's definitely not out of the norm. If I was going on a date, I would explain that first just to get it out of the way. I wouldn't want to be a burden to someone who couldn't support me. The details and shit coming first, that's strange for sure and a warning sort of thing, because usually, trauma victims have to be very, very close to a person to be able to tell them all these details.

I realize she was lying, and it's great that OP is able to get out of this relationship, but I just wanted to say that people revealing any mental illness they might have that severely affects their life isn't necessarily a warning sign.

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