User gets banned after asking to be banned to "prove a point", gets mad he's banned, denies asking for ban then gets even madder that everyone else isn't as mad as he is.

Just in case the original post is deleted:

Post was removed from GWA, figured i'd continue the party here. Dear GWA, we need to talk. We need to talk about the elephant in the room, a problem that I fear too many of you are oblivious to. We need to talk about the mod team. Now, to be clear, I am referring to the modteam sans the two newest members (I'll get to that later) they're irrelevant. The problem with the modteam, dear friends, is that time and time again they have displayed a blatant incapability to deal with the sub in a professional and mature manner. I won't name particulars, god knows they know precisely who they are, but I and many others can list countless instances of rash, pedantic and illogical decision making by the mods that have resulted in confusion, anger and distrust towards the people who are supposed to maintain this place, something they are quite obviously unable to do. There will be some people who know who I am, and some that I don't, and I feel quite confident in claiming that who I am is largely irrelevant, as this extends beyond me and my actions. I just figure that right now I'm the most pertinent example of a victim of the childish and rash decision making that goes largely unseen in GWA. Last night I was perma-banned from the sub by the modteam. When I received the message informing me thus I was given no reason (We'll call that fuck up number 2) which forced me to decide for myself based on visible evidence the reason for the ban, and the only logical conclusion I can draw is that I was banned for politely asking for a mod's opinion. We can call this fuck up number 1. Again, for those in the back, I was banned for asking a moderator to provide me with the modteam's stance on a subject. I was not banned for the somewhat offensive (and yet upvoted) comment that preceded this, nor was I banned for the private messages that followed. I was banned immediately after reiterating my request for the moderator to inform me if they thought a particular post was suitable for the sub. Let me make this abundently clear: while one particular mod took the road many children who play MOBAs take in quickly claiming that I was crying about this, I was in fact elated. This character demanded I not make a martyr of myself, but they graciously did that for me without me having to do all that much. I also, in no way, wish for the ban to be revoked. I can no longer stomach being a member of a sub run by these people. I'm done here. My reason for posting this is not to incite, nor is it the kind of goodbye post I despise (hence why I'm not giving my name.) but to inform. There are people here who deserve to know that the slightest infractions, or the sheer audacity to politely question the actions of a mod can lead to censorship or a ban. This, for those who don't know, is how a child reacts to criticism. Rashly and with little regard to reason or logic. They lash out. These are the people who are silently encouraged, by way of no counter action by the community at large, to continue acting in the way they do, a way they have allowed themselves to decide is suitable. I'm not going to do that anymore. I am not the most acceptable of person. I am opinionated, loud and blunt in the manner by which I associate with others. Many have come to hate me for this, but make no mistake, people like me are very, very necessary. The circle jerk I have seen repeatedly occur in this sub is mind numbing. There are too many people here willing to cower under the radar so as to avoid conflict. I am precisely the kind of person the modteam here are afraid of, because I'm not quiet. I will, and have, called them to question for their actions. The correct way to deal with legitimate concern is through discourse, they prefer to silence. I would also happily state that this isn't the first time I've been banned. My last ban, a 5 day stint, was equally moronic. I was banned for, rather politely, inquiring as to the basis for a particular Mod's superiority complex. My actions were in no way detrimental to the sub, they were however damaging to the fragile ego of someone with slight power over me. Again, this is the state of affairs here. Bans will occur due to personal offense, not for the good of the sub. This is in no way how a mod should act. That isn't how leaders act. Mods are supposed to be disliked. Mods enforce rules people dislike, mods are forced to slide into the shoes of the bad guy, but they should also be respected, even when despised. This is not an impossibility, and my time moderating forums and message boards twice the size of this one have taught me thus. The modteam here are not respected, no matter what they believe. They are ridiculed. In regards to what I wish to achieve here, I can't say for sure. Change to the mod team is likely a pipe dream, as evidenced by the fact that as opposed to using the community to elect new members of the modteam, they simply decided to pick their own. This isn't how things are done. This isn't how a community is, and I'd urge people to resist referring it to as thus. This is why I'd encourage people to consider the modteam a three person thing, not five. I have my own personal opinions on why those two in particular were chosen, but that's not relevant here. Take a good luck at the sub you're devoting time and effort and art too. Consider whether this is a place that is worthy of your presence, and consider whether you're ok with spouting communal rhetoric when no such thing truly exists here, no matter which way you spin it. The community exists outside of the walls of the sub, but within it's anything but equal. Favouritism, nepotism and the silent acceptance of irrationality are the only notable elements of this place. I hope continuing to silently conform to this is an easily swallowed pill, it sure as fuck wasn't for me. A concerned party.

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