Virginia Senate passes ‘red flag’ gun law over fierce opposition

Well you really cant enforce universal background checks on one dude selling guns out of his trunk in a state where it's hard to get guns.

That goes against the entire argument for the laws existence. The reason people support universal background checks is to stop this by not only making these kinds of sales illegal without a background check but there is a record of every prior transfer of the gun. All the police or investigators would need to do is trace the gun back to the FFL it was last transferred at and there is a record of who last owned it.

It would be impossible to get away with straw purchasing for a multitude of reasons unless none of the guns being trafficked were ever found by police.

It's not hard to understand man. I mean murder is illegal so hoe do people still commit homicide.

Are you trying to say then this law is pointless because you entire argument it doesn't do anything to stop gun trafficking, so why even have universal checks?

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