vS Data Reaper Report #59

As a (former) mostly Rogue player this is just depressing. Here we are, over a year later, still waiting for Blizzard to do something with all that wonderful design space they opened up for themselves when they destroyed Rogue's only board clear. We were promised "healing" in this expansion and a really cool "build-around" DK and we get garbage cards that given the power creep the game has experienced over the past year would feel at home in 2015. To "heal" Rogue needs to run Shadowblade/Obsidian Shard + Deadly Poison + Leeching Poison (so 6 decks slots if you want to be able to play the cards reliably), expend 6 mana plus hero power to set up everything (less if you're playing Burgle with Shard, but burgle is garbage), and then swing at a minion (because no class but Rogue is lacking for taunts) and take face damage while you heal. If the minion has more attack than your weapon you don't heal at all, you just take less damage. And of course, if weapons become a thing every deck can tech Harrison or an Ooze and destroy your 3 card investment at which point you just concede because you wasted a whole turn building your shitty lifesteal weapon and not developing your board, and your opponent just nullified your 3 cards + hero power, 8 mana of value, with a single card of his own that costs 2-5 mana. For some reason, someone at Blizzard thought this was a good idea.

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