You Vs. The Gauntlet

I'm going to be honest. I'm not going to use Angel Creation. They would be useful on many rounds, but meta teleportation allows me to solve the conflict with less bloodshed.

Luckily, you never stated I have to kill any of them. I teleport all of them up to Asgard to the end of Time. They should have enough resources to survive. To be safe, I'd use Famine Inducement to make sure their top priority is securing food.

Next I use Famine Inducement to weaken Galactus and teleport him to the void (just the concept of a completely empty space). I'm pretty sure that is not enough to kill him, and he is kind of necessary so I'll teleport him a planet every now and again to keep him alive.

Luckily, I can teleport concepts, so I am able to separate Kyle from Ion, from Hal's powers. Kyle goes to the end of time after that. I think it's best to leave the emotional spectrum as is.

Again, I can separate The Spectre from Hal Jordan and teleport Hal Jordan to the end of time. There are other options, but I rather remove the fewest universal constants as possible.

Thanos is going to be a problem. The Infinity Gauntlet is likely more powerful than my ability in the Marvel universe. Luckily, I'm still in the DC Universe from the last round. If I can't remove Thanos from the Marvel Universe, I can still remove the Marvel Universe from Thanos. I teleport the Marvel Universe to somewhere else, leaving Thanos alone in a void, hungry.

Well, I can remove the Great Evil Beasts Omnipresence. That's a neat trick, I suppose. That's really about the most I can do. I mean, I could put them back in their realm, but I don't think I could keep them there. I have a feeling just about anything I do would make it angry though.

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