Free-talk Friday! - March 27, 2015

The first conversation I had with him was here:

Unfortunately, he deleted his comments, but basically I told him the same stuff /u/DESTROYER_OF_EMPIRES said and he said it's bullshit. So when an actual Afghan came along and said the same things, I tagged him.

Not that you have any right to interrogate me, but just for the fun of it...

In this time, you have only ever written in /r/syriancivilwar[1] , not at any other sub whatsoever.

I have different accounts for different subs, especially when I dirty myself in controversial topics. And yes, I discovered this sub when I first started to post here.

You're only interested in this? You're a US IT student who only talks about Syria?

More German than American, and not a student anymore.

What exactly was it that made you be interested in this war in the first place?

I am interested in Americas military adventures in other countries.

Are the other US IT students you know also interested in this war? Do they spend as much time talking about the Syrian civil war as you spend on here writing about it?


Are you in any way related to Syria? Do you have any personal connection to this war?


This war had been raging for 4 years, yet you only joined us last month, and ever since you joined you've had a very large daily post count. Why the sudden interest? Do you mean to tell me as an IT student you only recently heard about the existence of a page called Reddit?

I only recently discovered this sub, yes.

Was there any other place where you had been discussing the SyCW from before?

Yes, but a lot less frequently.

Could you give me the link to said boards?

it's more about how you do seem to repeat many of the talking points he used.

I don't know the guy so I have no idea what "talking points" he used.

Could you show me the permalink of the first time you were accused of being isisdisplaced by LAKY? I want to see what your response there was.

Link at the top.

Don't you dare not respond to this or nobody will ever take you seriously again.


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