Walmart offers Thanksgiving workers measly discount in place of holiday pay

I absolutely would not introduce the system. It gives leverage to customers to treat the workers like slaves. It's a broken system, but it's kind of broken in the right way. I feel like retail is different because in retail you are providing a service, but it's more of an assistance. In food service, every table you get will provide you with 100s of tiny opportunities for customer service, a good and well paid server will capitalize on as many of those as possible.

My wife is a little different in that she works in nice restaurants, is exceptionally skilled at what she does and she is BELOVED by the customers. When she goes to a new joint a bunch of her regulars will follow her, which is pretty unheard of.

The system feels like it's non-compatible with the rest of our employment, because it kind of is. You can't really change it at this point because we are so socially attuned to it, you can't just change the law, you'd have to change our cultural etiquette, which ain't happening.

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