136 words Nevada issues emergency order requiring masks for all – vaccinated or not – starting Friday 133 words DOJ: Federal law doesn’t prohibit COVID-19 vaccine mandates 225 words 'People are just walking out in the middle of shifts': What it's like to work in a restaurant right now 123 words Striking To End 'Suicide Shifts,' Frito-Lay Workers Ask People To Drop The Doritos 165 words US virus cases nearly triple in 2 weeks amid misinformation 136 words Yosemite park ranger shares heartbreaking plea to visitors to slow down after a bear cub was killed by a car 147 words Apple delays return to office as Covid cases rise 136 words Arrests Made in Road Rage Shooting of 6-Year-Old Boy on 55 Freeway in Orange 147 words Hospitals charge huge 'trauma' fees to treat people with minor injuries 125 words Minimum wage workers can't afford rent anywhere in America 212 words Frito-Lay Workers Go on Strike with Some Claiming They Face 84-Hour Work Weeks 163 words Afghan pilots assassinated by Taliban as U.S. withdraws 148 words Man with concealed carry license steps in, shoots gunman who shot 3, Chicago police say 168 words Rudy Giuliani’s DC law license is suspended 131 words Charlotte flight to Bahamas canceled when Boston-area high schoolers refuse to wear masks 248 words Four day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland 212 words In 1990 a bee learned to clone herself - now her army of millions threaten other species 259 words California will soon pay the health care bills for low-income people 50 and older who are living in the country illegally as part of an expansion of Medicaid. 215 words New York Suspends Giuliani’s Law License 253 words Warren Buffett gives away another $4.1 billion, resigns as trustee at Gates Foundation