163 words Three more altar boys claim they were abused by priests in Vatican 116 words To Drive Down Insulin Prices, W.H.O. Will Certify Generic Versions 183 words Violent hate crimes in US reach highest levels in 16 years, FBI reports 184 words Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional 171 words 'It makes it real': hundreds march to re-enact 1811 Louisiana slave rebellion 145 words OKC Mother Outraged At School Officials After Son Found Covered In Feces 118 words Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Know Pedestrians Could Jaywalk 120 words Blizzard apology does not silence protestors at BlizzCon 2019 154 words Blizzard apology does not silence protestors at BlizzCon 2019 302 words Missouri's only abortion clinic to challenge state shutdown order 117 words A baby woke up from a coma and smiled at his dad. Now his family is raising money to save his life 176 words Mass shooting at party in Greenville, according to reports 336 words A Somali refugee just became the director of the Seattle clinic where she was cared for as a child 145 words Trump confirms US will leave Paris climate accord 150 words Supreme Court rejects case of Christian teen forced to write Islamic conversion prayer 164 words Video shows officer shoot an unarmed 16-year-old as he runs away. Police say it was justified 142 words She was raped 15 years ago. Her rape kit was finally tested and turned up a match 164 words Hong Kong formally withdrawals extradition bill. 175 words Brothers saved meth equipment in fire, left their grandmother to die, according to DA 510 words The Fort Worth officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson wasn't actually asked to do a wellness check