Actions of Gunman, Instacart Delivery Driver Justified in Davie Shooting Incident: Police

Let's take a pragmatic look at this. I'll probably get downvoted, but oh well.

Disclaimer: Something has to be done, and if gun control is the People's answer then so be it.

Regarding the "responsible gun owners," there are 300+ Million guns in the US, and the fact that they are only a few hundred shootings a year does support the statistical argument that most gun owners aren't out shooting people all the time.

Ultimately, for my money, the guns have been around far longer than the current shooting epidemic. So, to me, the guns aren't the new variable and thus are not the solution to the problem. Even if you stop all sales today, the 300+ Million guns already in circulation will still be in good working order for decades. You simply can't remove guns from America, it's a non-starter, and even if you had the political will to do it you would face an almost insurmountable set of difficulties and expenses in attempting to recover them.

In my opinion, gun control is putting a band-aid on a war-wound. It may remove some tools from would-be killers, but it doesn't remove the anger, isolation, and hopelessness that is plaguing Americans. Americans are killing each other because we're all pissed off and hopeless, not just because killing is convenient with a gun. Human life has lost value in our country and one of the 2 political parties in this country is encouraging it.

We should also look at history. Many civilizations have encouraged or required their citizens to be armed and trained in case of war, which is why we have the second amendment. But, do our current laws make sense? I propose that a good solution to both keeping the second amendment alive while helping to fix the issues is to reassess what rights the 2nd Amendment actually grants people. Perhaps any adult should be entitled to own a single-shot rifle, and that any other type of gun requires special licensure and training.

Ultimately, though, I don't think this will get better any time soon until we actually address the root-causes of America's violence problems. America has stopped working for most of its citizens. We have almost 0 say in our government, and studies have proven this. Our economy is leaving all but the richest behind and the wealth gap is ever growing. People don't have enough money to afford basics and society has basically made fending for yourself off the land illegal. America is making it's citizens desperate and is doing so at the peril of everyone who lives here. If people had their needs met they might not be so angry, and if they weren't so angry they'd be less likely to shoot people for the smallest perceived slights. That's how we fix the problem. Do what you want with gun control, but it's not going to be the solution you want it to be. You have to fix what's broken in people that makes them kill, not just remove the most convenient killing tool.

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