10-year-old boy dies after fight with another child at California trampoline park

Regarding your edit:

10 is a little old to be helicopter parenting. I'm not letting my 5 yo run around Wisconsin Dells by themselves, but my 12 yo and her friend are fine to. Some of these experiences are just part of growing up, and you aren't always going to be there to protect your kid from someone else. The only thing you can do is instill in them values that make this situation avoidable.

This same thing could've seemingly happened at a school and kids get sent there far more often than they ever go to a trampoline park.

We as a family don't really go to these things without a friend for the older kids to run around with because we have to be with out 5 yo, but we're not going to be watching out for the older kids because they should be able to handle these situations, and if they can't they know to come get us.

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