Nashville police release security footage of shooter entering school

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1) Yes, the vast majority of gun control laws have racist roots. Much like our drug laws. With the Bruen decision, you will see a lot of attorney generals referencing early gun control laws meant to disarm native Americans and recently freed slaves to show a historical precedent that's needed to justify current gun control.

2) agree to disagree

3) you keep saying "do nothing". I've expressed what needs to change, there's just no political will to do so.

4) which countries are you referencing? Looking on this list, I don't see any countries worse than the US in wealth disparity that share western culture and social issues

I don't think guns are the biggest piece of the problem if mass shootings are a recent phenomenon. I think only one mass shooting before the national firearms act of 1934 was established. So if guns were the biggest piece of the problem, wouldn't this be an issue since our founding?

5) you are blindly and hopelessly partisan if you lay America's problems on one political party. I have never voted R but come on. You really think Joe biden, author of the 1994 crime bill, or Kamala Harris, who threatened parents of truant children with jail time, are the political hope and change you seek? Both parties are captured by billionaires and corporations

6) we can and have made amendments to the constitution. If the political will was there to change, it would happen. There are just a lot of people who don't think the same way you do and don't want it changed.

7) not important to you I guess. But a lot of people have the mindset that they are in change of their safety, and maybe a gun is the best option for them. Defensive gun uses objectively happen more than murders. Look at /r/dgu

8) Guns are irrelevant to civil are civil rights protected? Who do marginalized people assert their rights when the tyrannical majority oppressed them?

9) So you agree there is evil in the world and deaths will occur regardless of gun laws. Unfortunately sick shit still happens.

10) point out where I said do nothing! I advocated for actual, systemic societal changes that are a huge undertaking so our weak politicians aren't gonna do it. I guess I suffer from the same nihilistic tendencies a lot of us have. YOU are straw manning the argument.

I think the sarcastic sign off might make you feel good I guess, but it makes you look arrogant and so sure of your views I must be a Moron for having an alternate viewpoint. I hope you consider a different opinion because your lack of nuance is foolish and comes off just....ugh

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