WAMC/Moving Forward: Non-Trad American Moving to Maritimes after prepping to apply in US

I think its smarter if you pursue med in america, its not impossible in canada but its going to be harder/take a lot more work/take a lot more time to even stand a chance and even then you're only be going to be eligible to apply for a few canadian schools assuming they dont change up GPA rules/IP rules which recently seems to be the common theme among provinces lately.

you're cGPA pretty much takes you out of the running for 3/5 ontario schools although perhaps some schools will overlook your 2014 GPA if you start applying in 2024 (10 year rule), look into that.

Ottawa and Western would be your best bets in Ontario but keep in mind Ottawa is a very very GPA heavy school with almost a years worth of prereqs. Western has clear cut GPA and mcat cut offs and is also a very ec heavy school and you need to diversify your ecs a bit more. Also shadowing is looked down upon in Canada (for privacy) so a lot of your ecs take a hit there too.

If you become a resident of Dal they'll look at you're last 60 credits and you have to apply in the year you're graduating however Dal is notorious for changing up their rules on a whim so don't put all your eggs in one basket.

It would be a lot easier for you and time effective if you applied to american med schools that accept people with 3.3s + post grad work done. I can guarantee you that you'll get at least one acceptance if your MCAT is good (overall) unlike Canada where there is an emphasis on CARS.

A lot of Canadians who get rejected year after year with Ivy league level stats would do anything to have your American residency for med. I wouldn't be so quick to discard that route if I were you. You're looking to apply to 3 Canadian schools at least 2-3 years from now when you could just get into an American school if you apply this cycle. I think it's smarter to look to do residency in Canada if the "sociopolitical events" still bother you then.

That being said it is possible, just an uphill and time consuming battle with risks to rule changes that may screw you you over. (Such as queens wGPa rule change/Sasks ip rule change/Memorials ip rule change)

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