Watching ladies events now just makes me sad. Anyone else?

Didn’t mean to be dismissive with my “hopping around” comment. I’m fully aware of the work it takes to do triples and quads. It’s literally just what I see when I watch some programs. Guess I could’ve said “jumping around.” But that’s what it looks like visually to me. Just my opinion.

Personally I think pushing quads as the new thing for women to advance the sport is a bad idea. We already know that it’s difficult to maintain quads past a certain age. I can’t help but think if quads become the new standard it’s going to become a sport where if you’re over 16 you’re already done for. Like a revolving door of 14/15 year olds. I mean… isn’t that kind of what it is now? Not to mention the effect that will have on the problem of eating disorders; older skaters desperate to stay at a weight were it’s easier to try to throw quads….

I’m all for women’s athleticism and challenging the stereotype of ladies skating not being as athletic as mens but I don’t necessarily think quads are the answer.

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