Weakest character who could defeat DA MOTHERFCKN DOOMGUY (Doom Slayer)

Luka Crosszeria, the Co-Protagonist of "Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru" (engl: "The Betrayal Knows My Name") is a incredibly powerful "Duras" of the highest ranks.

He can summon dragons ("Salamanders") that can blow up the enviroment and leave craters, and he's very fast and can outspeed and blitz-stomp multiple "opast" rank duras faster than they can see.

Luka can generate energy blasts which resemble purple lightning , too, and which defeat lower ranking "duras" in one shot.

Luka Crosszeria profile in a fandom wiki <-- He's indeed a very powerful character, who can defeat anyone.

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