Weekly Game Discussion: EVE

Is the gameplay fun? That depends on you, maybe you won't enjoy exploration, drug trafficking, pirating, mining, industrial producing, hauling, faction warfare, marketing, player killing, fleet fighting, station afk, mercenary contract, mission running, ratting, awoxing, bounty hunting, wormhole exploration, and planet interaction etc.

I probably missed something. Sounds like there's a lot? Well some people enjoy it, some hate it. Want to PVE? Join a pve corp. Want to pvp? Join BRAVE. This game is about corporations, and making allies and enemies. You can play solo, bu it's not recommended. You will always be in a corporation, you start at npc coporation and you can't leave it. Join a corp according to what you want to do. There's no levels or experience, but there's skill queue, as the name suggests you queue skills into your queue and wait. The lower skill levels 1-4 are trained a lot faster than skill level 5. So you will need patience.

Everything has skill requirements, so patience is everything. It's not too bad, but you won't be flying ishtar in your first week, you will be waiting, doing other things, and maybe you can fly ishtar in months. Why ishtar? Ishtar is OP drone boat used for PVP, loved by fleet commanders, feared by the one getting rekt.

PVP is hard, most people are bad at it, it's terribly difficult for a beginner with frigates, rookie ships, destroyers, cruisers, smaller ships that will be easily destroyed by a veteran player. You will lack the experience, and skills that will make you lose or win. The community is generally noob friendly (BRAVE) while more veteran players/corps might highly dislike you.

Do tutorial, in other games you will hate this, skip it and get lost. In eve it's highly not recommended. There's a newbie chat that you will be in for the first month of your game time, you can leave it but always auto-join when you log in. Most players will have questions that will be easily answered by doing the Tutorial. So do that.

Get started today, if you need to started, there's a trial (14d) and extended buddy trial (21d) by asking players like me.

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