Weekly ISO/Join My League Thread Mon, September 12, 2022

Viking Raid League: Draft: Standard Snake Draft League Settings: Points league 2C 2LW 2 RW 4D 1G. League Style: Weekly h2h matchup. Every Monday - every GM announces 1 protected player for the current week, and unprotected player/trade will go through for the winner of the previous week.

You can only protect the same player for a maximum of 2 weeks! Winner of the weekly h2h matchup gets to 'steal' one of your unprotected players and give you a player in return of the same position. C-C, LW-LW, etc. Dual eligible players are required to be traded for dual eligible players of any kind. LW-RW for C-RW is allowed. If you've protected the same player 2x already the weeks previous, winner is allowed to 'steal' the player since he is not eligible for protection, if you win the week the protected player is dropped to waiver.

Winning/ Losing your week you are still only allowed to protect the same player MAX 2x!

Condition 1: same position swap Condition 2: protected player can be traded at any time during the week for first week. Condition 3: if protected player is the same 2 weeks running, said player cannot be dropped, or traded during 2nd week and is forced to be dropped on Monday of week 3 for everyone's waiver wire pickups!

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