Weekly Therapy Talk Thread

I have a lot of work to do right now. Was looking at therapist profiles as a way to procrastinate (I'm considering finding a new therapist, idk). Came across my therapist's new profile set to his new location. Feels like these past 8 months weren't real. He's moving and I'm really sad. I have at least one more session but I don't think I should draw this out cuz he'll be less available and that might fuck me up. I feel like I could've learned a lot more if he wasn't going anywhere. Now I'll have to start over with someone else or just take a very long therapy break (leaning towards the latter). It's gross, but I have a feeling I'll be comparing every other therapist to him at least for a while. Feeling kinda disgusting right now. What have I gotten myself into? Fuck thisss.

I'm going to miss him. I can't think of what else I'd want to say, other than I'm going to miss you. And it was nice. It was important to me.

He says we can try phone sessions. ha. No, that won't make me feel less gross. "okay, bye"

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