weekly vent thread 5/10/17. anything that you need to put off your chest.

I don't like people coming up to me and telling me things like, "Oh you idealist fool. You naive child. You can't see how things work and keep hoping for the best. Never gonna happen."

It's like everyone around us has just given up. They have given up the possibility of living in a better society that we currently live in. For example, when I say, "People, let's vote for candidates and not parties next time." pat comes the response, "Yeah? What good will that do? I will do it but other 'people' and the 'masses' won't."

As if we, the educated & aware, are some special snowflakes while OTHERS are dumbfucks that need reform. Pisses me off sometimes that it's become a sin to be optimistic and hope for better things.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for the shitty things around us, nobody wants to fix anything but they do want others to do it for them. "Otherwise what's the point of living in this third-world country, eh? Let's just migrate to better pastures."

(Sorry. No offence intended. Had to say this. Frustration is high atm.)

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