I went from getting 22-8 for the past 4 weeks to 28-2 this week (top 100). These are my tips and I am happy to answer qs.

Yeah i agree everyone has a sick team and i've spent hours and hours grinding bobby moore etc just to get r9. I haven't got any good pulls from gold 1 100k packs so i've been stuck on 4 mil coins so for me this is the best team i can get and apart from Mane and Ben yedder and Miliato and Alison everyone is untraceable.

I think for you my advice is don't stick to one formation. If you're struggling after 20 mins change formation. Also have a stacked bench so u can do different things. I've mentioned it before but i constantly change from 4231 to 41212 when im getting over run and i rely on La croquet and dribbling a lot so i can make chances in 41212.

Sorry this message is so long btw, but here's some UPGRADES (i put it in Caps so you can skip the comment to this if you want):

You've got a nice team, so lets say you have around 600k if you take coins right? I'd say your weak links are Messi, Varane, Havertz and Florenzi. For 600k its hard but maybe Hermoso or Alderweireld tots? That should be around 70-150k but you want someone quick and i lost to a guy with hermoso. Kondogbia at LCM for florenzi as he gives you height and a much better defence. So that's 250k spent. Then for the remaining 350k lets boost your attack.

How about Quagliarelia and then sub in someone like Onyakuru? The chemistry is hard but u could somehow fit them in and maybe sub in 1 player. You have an icon which will help.

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