We're starting EJ next week right?

I am not going to say fire Marone unequivocally, but I do think we should explore other options. If Harbough is available your telling me we shouldn't try and go for him?

If we are going to blame Hackett for the bad offensive production, why can't we blame Marone for the poor offensive line play? The guy was supposed to be an O-line guru, and we've not improved.

Look at our 2nd round pick last year, I mean who does that decision fall on? I'm putting it on Marone because as the O-line guru you should be able to assess what kind of talent an offensive line player possesses, and he struck out on Cyrus Kouandjio. That said he did hit on Cyril Richardson, so I agree it's not all bad, and that's why I don't say fire unequivocally.

Are we putting the blame on Hackett for those 4th and 1 decisions? I was under the impression that it would be Marone's decision to either go for it or not, and I just can't "love" a coach who tries to play not to lose instead of trying to win. Some people will say it's the smart decision given our defense, and shaky offense, but I don't buy it.

When your defense plays the whole game because our offense can't convert a 3rd down for the life of them, and when you have Boobie, Freddie & Summers (before last week) you're telling me we can't pick up a fucking yard? It's not like we were on our own 20, most of those decisions were when we were at midfield and needed a few more yards to try a FG with Carpenter at the least.

In the NFL the percentages are in favor of going for it on 4th and short, and I just don't understand how we can punt the ball and rely on our defense to get a three & out every time. And then after they hopefully do it, we think that we can march the field 80+ yards with no time outs. That seems more likely than picking up a fucking yard? Where's the logic behind these decisions because I'm trying to find it and it's just making me angry.

If Marone's the best we can get than fine, give him another year. But I think if we can find something better, I would be ok with letting him go.

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