Do you think western leftists are hesitant to criticise Islam as much as christianity?

Yes, without a shadow of a doubt, western leftists will not really criticise Islam under any circumstances. If any criticism is attempted it’s met with this sophistry of saying it’s not intellectually possible to do so because there isn’t one singular interpretation of Islam.

I think this is particular bad in the UK tbh.

With the exception that there is/was a lot of support for Kurdish socialists against Turkish and Daesh Islamic fascism.

Older feminists wrote a lot of unremarkable criticisms of the very obviously patriarchal and misogynist aspects of Islam but that doesn’t fly in intersectional/tumblr feminism because it’s all refracted through ‘identity’. Have to pretend that the tiny minority of ‘feminist’ Muslims are representative when they aren’t at all.

A few years back some of the more conservative people within mainstream normie equality politics (Trevor Phillips etc) conducted matter-of-fact quant research into attitudes among Muslim communities in the UK- unsurprisingly it was totally out of sync with ‘progressive’ politics and about half of them wanted homosexuality to be illegal lol. Younger generations were less liberal than older.

The goldsmiths atheist society had Maryam Namazie speak (ex-Muslim feminist) and some chauvinist Islamist bros from iSoc came down doing death threats etc. Goldsmiths LGBT society denounced the atheist society as ‘Islamophobic’ for inviting her.

IDPolers and their socialist/anarchist sympathisers weren’t willing / able to made sense of this in a way that cohered with their ideological assumptions so just denounced the research as ipso facto ‘racist’. Weren’t willing to actually consider its implications.

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