What is an interesting fact about your hometown?

Nearly over 100 years ago a venue called Victoria Hall hosted a children's variety show which had been the talk of the town in the weeks prior due to the announcement that presents would be handed out to the children during the show.

When the show got to segment where they began to throw presents to the children in the audience, the children in the upper stands realised they were most likely not going to get a present if the were not in the crowd below. The crowds of children in the upper stands made a mad dash for the door to the lower floors.

The main doors to the lower stands where bolted shut and only opened inwards, which caused a mass crush when the doors would not open. 183 Children died.

The news of the disaster shocked the nation, Queen Victoria set up charities and even gave money out of her own pocket for the parent's of the victims. The public pushed for new laws and legislations for minimum safety requirements in public places which is why today you have things such as push bar emergency doors and outward opening doors in nearly all buildings worldwide.

My city constructed a rather sad memorial to the disaster of a woman clutching her child that still stands to this day.

So if you ever wonder why there are so many health and safety regulations to do with buildings nowadays, this is why.

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