What are the common duties divided between the couple in home making?

It depends on what the both of you think is fair and what level of cleanliness you guys prefer and can live with. If you're on the same page with these things, there should be minimal conflict. I'll just use examples from my own life: I do most of the housework because my husband works longer hours and has a longer commute. I don't mind this, but I get annoyed with him when he doesn't pick up after himself and I find a trail of shoes and socks, dirty clothes, dishes, crumbs, mail, etc all over the house on a daily basis. I got mad at him one time and said I put a lot of work into making our home nice, and neglecting to do simple things like putting his clothes in the hamper instead of the floor was disrespectful. Then he got mad at me because he said he never asked for a pristine home, which made me feel even more unappreciated.

I have higher standards than him because I get overwhelmed more easily than he does-- if I'm the one that has to do the bulk of the cleaning, I don't want it to ever get too messy in the first place because I'll just throw up my hands and give up. So I would rather stay on top of it, clean every day and enjoy my house all the time. On the other hand, he doesn't care if the place gets trashed and he has to spend all day cleaning once a week. I would never want to do that. So even though we generally are on the same page and neither of us is a huge slob, there are differences that can lead to conflict sometimes.

Another thing that seems to be pretty common in heterosexual relationships is the woman will have to ask the man to do stuff all the time. The guy neglects to do something, the woman gets mad, and then the guy makes the excuse that she never asked him to do it, and if she had just asked, he would have done it, and acts like she's making a big deal out of nothing because it's "not hard" to ask. While it's true that it's not literally difficult to ask someone to do something, after a while it can be pretty exhausting and demoralizing to constantly have to treat your husband like he's an employee and you are his manager. It feels like extra work because you have to worry about your own to-do list AND his, when he should be doing these things on his own.

If you're both aware of these things, willing to communicate, and to give each other the benefit of the doubt, then it should be easier.

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