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SW'er with a BSW here. Question about graduate school: Does USC's online program (I applied to their advanced standing program) accept anyone with a pulse and the ability to get financial aide? With the rate at which they are pumping out graduates are they even respected in the field for their online program? Story for another day but I am unsure about whether or not to pursue my MSW or get out of the field all together. I applied to USC and an in-state MSW program and realized the in-state program was not for me and gave up my spot. I have yet to reject my offer from USC but recently discovered a FB page for online USC MSW students and scrolled through plenty of posts about students rejoicing their acceptance into USC after being rejected at (in some cases, multiple) in-state schools. Despite receiving a sizable scholarship that makes their program comparable in price to the in-state school, I am still in absolute awe over the price tag. Most schools I've looked at have lower tuition for their online students, whereas USC's tuition is higher for online students.

I am leaning towards getting out of social work all together (depression, anxiety, seriously worsened by being in the profession) but just wanted to know what the opinion of the school is on the ground, if there is one. Thanks!

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