What are some basic things about having sex that a lot of people don't realize?

You don't necessarily need to glue your pelvis to her crotch, but as you're going in & out, slow down, stay pressed against her when you're fully inside, move & grind in a sort of circular motion, while you're fully inserted; slowly pull out, when you're going back in: try to "S" motion your lower back slowly but firmly, when you're fully inserted, repeat : stop & grind in circles, slowly but firm; also listen to her, don't talk too much but ask her if she's enjoying it or what she wants next; don't get too excited or too insecure & start humping her like a dog on a leg, with no eye contact or regards to her pleasure, while you're face is pressed in her shoulder, unless she asks..

Form your dance together, the experience is the memory not the goal.

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