What are some of your most controversial beliefs?

I understand that no country is perfect and you must (like everything in life) take the good and the leave the bad, but do you really think that a country like Norway is disease and countries like Saudi Arabia are not? I understand and agree that far left ideologies are not great, but one has to be realistic when looking at why Europe is in front in many aspects. What about countries like Bosnia? It is in Europe, do you think they are a cancer? A complete acceptance or a complete rejection of anything in life (apart from the Quran) is wrong as it must go through the filter of the Quran. Therefore when looking at Europe, take the good, and leave the bad. What do you think of this which is a list of the most ‘Islamic’ countries in the world based on a ‘Islamic’ index which includes areas such as economy and human rights. The first Muslim majority country is the UE at 45...

As said earlier, I don’t completely disagree with you, but I have tried to offer another perspective.

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