How do you think 2:58 should be translated?

And ˹remember˺ when We said, “Enter this city and eat freely from wherever you please; enter the gate with humility, saying, ‘Absolve us.’ We will forgive your sins and multiply the reward for the good-doers.” (2:58)

first of the two views we have referred to, one must include among the errors their rejection of the Mann مَن and the Salwa سلوا and their request for the normal kind of food. The demand was really insolent, but Allah promised that if they showed their obedience by following the new commandment, He would forgive this error too. Anyhow, the promise of pardon was general, and extended to everyone who was ready to obey the new commandment, while a special reward was promised to those who devoted themselves to good deeds sincerely and wholeheartedly.

The meaning of Ihsan احسان

"We may add that 'sincerity' and 'wholeheartedness' are a very weak rendering in English of the essential quality of the text's Muhsinun محسنون (rendered here as "those who are good in deeds" ). This word comes from Ihsan احسان which signifies "doing a thing beautifully - that is, in the manner that is proper to it." Beside this lexical meaning, Ihsan احسان has a technical meaning which has been defined in a famous Hadith: تعبداللہ کانک تراہ ، فالم تکن تراہ فانہُ یراک : "Offer your prayers as if you can see Him, and if you do not see Him, He is seeing you (in any case)." (Bayan al-Qur'an)

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