How many here has read the entire quran from start to end in their native language ?

How is learning to pray how we get salafis? The assumption being that praying is something new? No Muslims pray all the time... its natural that someone learning about islam will already be praying and will see praying in an Islamic sense to be the first step in their conversion rather than reading the entirety of the Quran. Of course people are going to be drawn to learning how to pray as a first step. It's only natural and there is no shame whatsoever in that.

The Quran is everything.

Yes and the Quran rather clearly says not to rush into the understanding. People have families, jobs, hobbies. Looking down on people for not reading the Quran within 3 months of just doing the basics of Islam is unquranic.

Learning the Quran is important, but ita a process that takes a long time. Traditional Muslims try to read through the Quran during Ramadan and get absolute 0 wisdom from it, hence why they persist in their ignorance of its true meaning.

Somebody reading the Quran within 3 months of converting and getting 0 wisdom from it is a red flag. They get confused and turn to imams and peers to be spoon-fed information - I live close to the largest "convert" centre in the UK and have seen this happen with my own eyes. Some people accept the spoon feeding, others get spooked and leave islam.

Conversely, thinking about my own experiences, reading about 50% of the Quran within the first 3 months; but carefully researching and pondering every single ayats is indefinitely more valuable as it will help draw distinction between truth and falsehood.

I'm sorry I just don't see how you can automatically value someone for speed reading the Quran. 3 months is not a long time at all. It's not even close to being enough time to even digest what you are doing - converting to an alien religion.

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