What is the creepiest thing you've found or experienced outside that you can't explain?

This was not me but someone I knew who might well have made up such a story.

This guy made a lot of money -- when I wonder if it takes a lot of brains to make money he comes to mind; in his case it was boldness to take advantage of circumstances and he also did not wastes a lot of time. He had one core business and then he got into a few other businesses and somehow it all worked out for him.

Anyway, he spent money on things like fancy trips and one time he went on a safari. This was not so long ago so it was only photographic. It was to see things in the wild like lions and chimps. I am not sure that lions even live in the same area as chimps so I took the story with a grain of salt.

Anyway, he had a native guide and also a man who both cooked and carried things. They camped in "the bush" (something I would never do myself) and were going to spend a few nights there. They saw all sorts of things during the day and heard all sorts of stuff at night.

The cook was not too clear about what he was feeding them -- he used the term "bush meat" and I understand that to mean all sorts of things, including even gorillas and chimps. My friend ate without complaining.

Anyway, the last night there was a lot of noise close to the camp and my friend awoke late at night and the guide was standing by the fire. He had a machete -- they had not brought guns as these were illegal. The cooks tent was destroyed and there was no sign of him.

That's basically the entire story. The laws are different in that part of the world and just to be sure he could leave the country, he gave his guide five thousand extra in cash -- that was substantially more than the original fee for the whole trip. It must have worked because he was able to cut his trip short and board the plane a couple of days later without even talking to a cop.

I have seen blue jays surround my cat after she killed a bird, scores of them. So chimps or whatever could certainly figure out something like this. Maybe my friend and his guide were lucky that these apes are so intelligent -- able to distinguish between among the men, knowing who actually killed the "chimp" (if that's what it was) and the others. Or maybe it was just chance.

I know that chimps will eat monkeys, in fact go on organized hunts for them. Why wouldn't they decide to do this to humans, especially as they have become less afraid of men who no longer carry weapons?

As I said, I took this with a huge grain of salt -- how did the cook kill the chimp? Did he just use a trap and maybe his machete? Or was the bush meat just like a wild boar and if he was killed maybe it was just a hyena or a lion. But my friend knows the sounds hyenas make and everyone has heard the kind of noises chimps make.

Also, and this if true is the creepiest part: He says they found sharpened sticks, with blood on them. Hyenas sure don't do that; chimps (and only chimps besides man) sharpen sticks and use them in hunts.

If this is a true story, this would be the first time any human has been killed with tools by non-humans. Kind of amazing in a horrible way.

I bet the guide found another line of work.

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