What exam do u have on 21st ? (Class 12 only )

As one of the best students of IP in my school, I can say thay IP syllabus is weird, like seriously some parts of syllabus require prerequisites from CS (Computer Science), like I get it, IP is basically a branch of CS known as Data Science, but they don't teach us the basic stuff like used-defined functions, recursion, etc., and there is literally no syllabus content for data analysis, like where the hell are algorithms for analysing the data, just plotting data in different forms can't be said data science. Also, they just start our syllabus with importing modules, declaring functions, understanding working of OOP (object oriented programming) such as attributes, methods, etc. which we hadn't been taught in class 11th.

This is why, our IP teacher teaches us both CS (selected parts) and IP from Sumita Arora's books.

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