What games fulfil the fantasy of rising up the ranks?

I'm a game dev with a public profile, my face, name, company address, all that shit out there. Some things I made got good treatment from high profile YouTubers, so there is a bit of limelight due to that. This is the only way to stay anonymous on the web these days and to be able to speak your mind (besides just sticking to 4chan). Use different aliases on different platforms, and periodically wipe them and make new accounts. None of these discussions are worth archiving anyway, so not much is lost in the long run. The words I wrote about karamari might stay with you regardless, and that is what matters. Otherwise I risk the thought police and cancel culture coming after me, as I have my opinion on some social issues that are opposed to that of the loud lynching mob. Nothing racist, mind you, it's about mental illnesses and we treat people who suffer from them. That, and I do let some steam go occasionally and get argumentative. None of these are.gppd for business. Devs get cancelled periodically, I've seen one too many lose their whole livelihood and dream of making games, going back to work for soul crushing software companies like IBM or Uber to make ends meet. I have decided that a unified online presence is a threat. I would urge anyone who cares one bit about speaking their mind to follow suite.

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