Leftists have a point

My direct report / supervisor is a dumb ass who doesn't even know who can do the job and who can't. All of us workers know who to ask based on who specializes in any given task. Our boss knows nothing. She just has these retarded metrics like "are you wiggling your mouse around for 95% if your shift?" that's her main metric. She gets judged by her boss based on how much we wiggle our mouse around. It's not about knowing or working smart.... It's about "being productive" and it's turned my job into shit. Now I hate my job, the customers hate the experience dealing with us. Cost us going up, training is getting shittier and shutter, knowledge is going down.... The company purchased all kinds of software that is supposed to eliminate our need for having knowledgeable workers because the software will do it all they say. But the software is defective half the time and it's created a whole new world of problems that trained humans wouldn't have ever done.... And now that we don't have trained humans anymore we can fix the problems or even recognize when something has gone wrong because we've got idiots using software that doesn't work.

I don't even know how we possibly stay in business other than our name has been around for 100 years.

In the old days, before metrics... We looked at customers as a number. Gotta crunch the numbers. It was heartless but it was effiecent and the customers demanded effiecent, so we gave it to them.... And I did that for 10 years without complaining. But now... Now that we have productivity metrics.... Customers aren't a neutral number. Customers are a parasites that have to been discarded for their sin of interacting with the business. Any interaction on their behalf is going outside of the computer and costing us money and fucking up all my metrics.

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